What are digital comics?
Digital comics are comics made with the help of a computer. This is in contrast to the comics drawn by hand, which are then scanned on a computer and colored. The animation can be created on a computer in several ways. One popular way is drawing on a graphic tablet where the drawing gets automatically transferred to a computer graphics program. The tablet comes with a pen which allows the animator to create drawings in the same way he would if he used a pencil. But these drawings are not seen on the tablet. They are directly produced on the computer.

How are digital comics created

Another way of creating blog comics is the use of vector graphic applications which allow you to change the drawing once it is drawn. 3D applications can also be used to draw the background and even the characters. Usually digital comics use a mixture of these methods. Earlier, animation was only available in the form of printed comics like books, strips and even novels. But with the advancement in technology, it has been possible for comic books to go digital. What’s more, loyal fans of the printed form have also given this format thumbs up. That has been the reason for the increasing number of digital comics appearing on the scene. But there are some who are always debating about which form is better, digital or print.
Digital comic videos are animation that is converted into electronic form. This is to facilitate it to be viewed on a digital screen. Most of the times, this is a computer screen which have the font type Consolas. But digital comics can also be viewed on I pods, DVDs, TV and mobile phones. These comics are available on the Internet as web comics which can be downloaded in the PDF format.

Benefits of digital comics

There are many benefits of digital comics for the creator as well as the reader. The first advantage is cost. Producing digital comics is much cheaper than printed format. All the creator needs to do is take the time to upload the comic to a website. These comics are then available to the user as free downloads. This way, the creator does not need to invest money in printing and thus can make the comic available to you either free or at very less cost.
Digital comic videos also get millions of readers as the Internet gets millions of users everyday. Thus, the chances of users getting access to the comic and reading it are more. Such is not the case with printed comics since people need to go to a book store to buy the comic. Even if the comic passes from one reader to another, it will not have the same readership as a digital comic.
Also since animation of blog comics can be done fast, it can be uploaded and read fast too. Printed comics take a long time to come out in the market. The creator can also get instant feedback from readers and this can help him to improve himself. Also he has complete control over the creation, publication and distribution of the comics.