Initially the electronic book was written for on some specific subjects for limited audience. But now with the advancement of newer software and hardware technology, the newly added features have made it very attractive to large number readers on the net. This has led to surge in their demands and now many writers use digital books to present their works to the online audience.
The digital books offer many advantages to the writer and readers. This is a paperless mode of producing, printing and distributing the book on the internet. There are many benefits associated with this form internet writing and are mentioned below.

User Friendly

The digital book is user friendly because it can be easily purchased, downloaded and used immediately from the website. There is no waiting period for the customer to procure his or her copy because the book is easily available on the website or can be received at the email address.

Cheap Cost

The cost of the E-book writing is lover compared to the printed hardcover book because there is no need for a publisher when it comes to printing an E-book. The writer himself can help me write my college essay, edit and print as many copies as needed due to the print on demand features of E-book writing. The availability of the software on the net that helps in formatting and printing the electronic book is easily available on the net, thus minimizing the printing cost. Further there are no shipping charges as the book is available, online.

High Quality Content that Offer Solutions to Customer Problems

Electronic book is generally written for the targeted audience. The writers who are experts in their niche and enjoy the following of the high quality audience, who are looking for some specific information, which is not available somewhere else on the net, adopt this format. It is important to create and present a high quality content matter that fulfills the need of the customers and provides them the benefits which they expect to reap by purchasing the E-book.
Vast information can be easily compressed into a single book and such hundreds and thousands of books can be easily stored in the storage device, carried along, and accessed by the reader when he or she is on move. This added advantage of portability that these books offer makes them the natural choice for many readers. Thus E-book writing is beneficial to the writer as it saves him or her the publishing hassles and gives him or her the independence to manage the book right from it’s creation to distribution.