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Benefits of Going Green

Benefits of Going Green ( 6 Files )

Information in this section will highlight the potential benefits that can be gained when a business implements sustainable measures in their operations. The varied benefits of such measures can be felt by both consumers and business owners and can include economic benefits and health benefits among others.
Case Studies

Case Studies ( 2 Files )

This heading contains information—articles and presentations—about businesses and projects that have implemented sustainability in some way, whether choosing to 'green' their building or applying lean operating practices.

Commercialization ( 2 Files )

This section focuses on the commercialization of green products. It includes information about what makes a product green along with resources for commercializing any potential green products.
Dear Auntie Green

Dear Auntie Green ( 4 Files )

This column is a sustainable watchdog for debunking anti-sustainable misinformation and disinformation. Read the SBP team's correspondence with our "Auntie Green" as we try to help her in her struggles to determine what is true and what is not when it comes to sustainability.

Disaster Resilience

Disaster Resilience ( 3 Files )

Disaster Resilience is the ability of a business to withstand a natural disaster. The material in this section demonstrates the importance of simply having a contingency plan in place in the event of a disaster or some form of interruption to operations.
e-newsletter archive

e-newsletter archive ( 22 Files )

Since its debut last fall, the SBP has been building a strong client base to help businesses adopt sustainability measures, create sustainable business models and leverage operational costs towards re-investment in their own businesses. We hope this newsletter helps you discover how your business may already be applying the triple bottom line approach to business sustainability. You will find PDFs of each of our e-newsletters as well as full versions of the articles that appear in each newsletter.


Emissions ( 4 Files )

This section includes information about greenhouse gas and carbon emissions and their environmental consequences. In this section there are also guides intended to help businesses manage and reduce their carbon emissions so as to limit their negative environmental impact.
Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency ( 12 Files )

In this section, there is information concerning various aspects of energy usage. This includes methods for conserving energy and becoming more efficient which can have both economic and health benefits. It also includes information for those wishing to assess their current energy demands and usage levels.
Environmental Management

Environmental Management ( 5 Files )

This section focuses on helping businesses create and implement environmental management plans. Such plans address the environmental concerns relevant to a business and ensure that all of the business’s employees are prepared to deal with any issue that may arise while also adhering to all pertinent environmental regulations.
Federal Government/Agency Policies on Sustainability

Federal Government/Agency Policies on Sustainability ( 4 Files )

This section includes reports and articles on changes in the federal government and its agencies toward greater sustainability. In recent years, the federal government has become more concerned with environmental responsibility and several federal agencies have made moves to address this issue.
Green in Texas

Green in Texas ( 2 Files )

Texas—and San Antonio in particular—have made significant headway in recent years in terms of moving toward sustainability. This section includes publications from the City of San Antonio concerning green initiatives as well as articles and reports about sustainability throughout the state.
How to Green Your Business

How to Green Your Business ( 4 Files )

This is information for business owners and employees who wish to make their business more sustainable. It provides both general information about what elements to consider when trying to achieve goals of sustainability as well as more specific methods for reaching their goals.
Renewables and Alternative Energy

Renewables and Alternative Energy ( 7 Files )

This section mainly focuses on forms of alternative and renewable energy such as wind and solar power. It also includes information on biofuels and other forms of energy which may become more prevalent in coming years along with some strategies for switching to renewable sources.
Rural Issues

Rural Issues ( 2 Files )

The information in this section pertains to the environmental concerns faced by business owners who operate in rural areas. These issues are different from those faced by urban businesses in many ways, but the issue of environmental impact reduction is still very relevant.
SBP Materials & Presentations

SBP Materials & Presentations ( 11 Files )

This category includes presentations and promotional materials created by the Sustainably Business Program and others which speak to SBP objectives and goals. These documents are intended to help people understand what the SBP does and how it can help their businesses. Below you will also find our tri-fold brochure which explains this program and how we can work for you.

Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainable Business Practices ( 8 Files )

In this section, reports and articles focus on sustainability in business. From the creation of green jobs to environmental accounting, these documents help business owners understand how they can incorporate sustainable practices into their organizations.
Sustainable Design and Development

Sustainable Design and Development ( 11 Files )

This section addresses sustainability in terms of development and building design. While these elements may not directly relate to sustainable business practices, they are very important for businesses to consider since basic sustainable measures can help reduce cost and even increase profits.
Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing ( 3 Files )

Sustainable manufacturing is associated with lean practices. This section introduces lean manufacturing and its relationship with sustainability. It also provides information about implementing lean practices and how they improve performance.

Tools ( 9 Files )

This section contains several tools such as calculators, worksheets, and guides aimed at giving people the skills and information they need to 'go green'.

Vehicles ( 2 Files )

This section includes articles related to fuel efficient and electric vehicles. These articles discuss the challenges faced by these vehicles in becoming accepted by the general public. This information pertains to individuals as well as businesses that may use vehicles in their daily operations.

Waste/Pollution ( 5 Files )

The reports and guides in this section discuss various aspects of waste management and the impact that waste management can have on the environment. This information touches on methods for preventing pollution and understanding what qualifies as hazardous waste according to the EPA among other waste-related topics.
Water Quality

Water Quality ( 2 Files )

This section addresses the challenge of reconciling the need to protect water quality in communities with the desire for communities to continue growing and developing land. The information in this section includes strategies for balancing these often competing drives.
Web Resources

Web Resources ( 5 Files )

In this section, there are links to stories, events, photos and videos related to sustainability. We have provided these links as another way of bringing information related to sustainability and green initiatives to those interested in learning more about these topics. Including a link to an organization’s website in this section does not imply any affiliation between that organization and the Institute of Economic Development or the University of Texas at San Antonio. Furthermore, our apologies if at any time one of the links contained in this section becomes deactivated. We will do our best to keep this section as up to date as possible to avoid this inconvenience.

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