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Renewables and Alternative Energy

This section mainly focuses on forms of alternative and renewable energy such as wind and solar power. It also includes information on biofuels and other forms of energy which may become more prevalent in coming years along with some strategies for switching to renewable sources.


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What Fuels Will Move Us What Fuels Will Move Us

Date added: 12/17/2010
Date modified: 12/17/2010
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As our economy begins to shift from one based on fossil fuels to one based on renewable energy sources, changes to our transportation systems and our conceptions of transportation will begin to arise. This article discusses the supply and demand of energy and various 'alternative' fuel sources in coming years with predictions of prices and possible shortages.

UC San Diego Researchers Create Tool to Put the Lid on Solar Power Fluctuations UC San Diego Researchers Create Tool to Put the Lid on Solar Power Fluctuations

Date added: 08/11/2011
Date modified: 08/11/2011
Filesize: 343.57 kB
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This article, produced at the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering, talks about a software program developed by researchers there that aims to solve one of the major problems associated with solar power: natural fluctuations in availability. The program predicts the fluctuations that come from changes in the cloud cover. This article explores the applications of this software to the field of renewable energy, particularly at a time when the federal government is looking to expand the nation's use of alternative energy sources.

The Future of Natural Gas The Future of Natural Gas

Date added: 12/21/2010
Date modified: 12/21/2010
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This study, produced by the MIT Energy Institute, argues that as natural gas has become the focus of the global debate on energy, security and climate, it will become a more widely used energy source around the world. The report also lists some of the advantages of natural gas over other fossil fuels, particularly in terms of its carbon footprint and its relative abundance. The findings of this study are presented here under various headings related to the potential effects of increased global use of natural gas.

Switching to Green Renewables Switching to Green Renewables

Date added: 07/06/2011
Date modified: 07/06/2011
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This report, published by the World Resources Institute, aims to demystify the process for businesses wishing to 'green their energy supply'. Doing so is fairly simple, but there is a great deal of confusing and misleading information about sustainable energy available to businesses. The WRI hopes to make clearer what options are available for companies in this area and how they can go about selecting and implementing their choices.

This report comes from the World Resources Institute. To find more publications from this source, visit www.wri.org.

Stimulating Solar Stimulating Solar

Date added: 12/21/2010
Date modified: 12/21/2010
Filesize: 26.62 kB
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This brief article talks about the Department of Energy’s decision to award two $5 million grants to local government organizations to allow them to incorporate solar energy generation into their communities. These grants will also help with the DOE’s Solar America Cities program which involves 25 cities developing a guide for communities interested in solar power.
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